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This journal is host to the photo manipulations of ME, shades-of-dray. It is exclusively a SLASH gallery, primarily focused on the Harry Potter and Merlin BBC Fandoms and the pairings of Harry/Draco and Merlin/Arthur. I post individual as well as couple manips, but generally never waver to other characters.. I'm a bit obsessed, err, I mean, focused. I use a variety of photo programs. None of which are Photoshop. (-laments-) All of my manips are made using various free pic programs available on the Web. I usually combine and use more than one with every finished pic. The source photos I use all vary, and tend to be just random images I find on the internet that I think might work well, or for one reason or another, strike me as interesting or something I want to play around with.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Harry Potter or the BBC's Merlin. I own none of the source material that my manipulations originate from. Generally, they look little like what they started from, as I usually combine several images to create each manip. I mean no disrespect to Daniel Radcliffe, Tom Felton, Bradley James, or Colin Morgan because I choose to use their likeness to represent the characters they portray. It is for association and aesthetic purposes only. I also mean no infringement or creative discourtesy to the photographers, models, or artists in my choice to ultimately alter their images. It's a means to create the fantasy and no harm is intended. This is all in FUN. Absolutely NO profit is being made.

PLEASE NOTE: As shown above, I'm over 18. I ask all those that "friend" me be also. Though not all of my pics are explicit, SOME of them contain rather, ahhh, well.. let's put it this way, if you read Mature and/or rated NC17 Fanfiction, I'll be attempting to provide a visual aid eventually. -coughs- I will, of course, clearly indicate this type of content with warnings. Please view responsibly. Essentially this is an erotica gallery. Because of this, all entries containing images with full frontal nudity and/or adult concepts will be viewable publicly for a short period and then "Friend-Locked", accessible only to those I've verified to be 17 and up.

ALSO: If you take any of my manipulations or icons (and feel free to! any 'pimpage' is greatly appreciated!), all I ask is that you leave my sig in place on the pics and give credit where credit is due if warranted on icons. And no hotlinking, please.

Thanks. I hope you enjoy.. Feel free "Friend Me" in order to view locked entries, for full access to all gallery images and to be made aware of future Updates.


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Is it me, or does Harry give more Fucks? 0.o D'oh!

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